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Description of Classes

Traditional Yoga & Chair Yoga

Traditional Yoga


Traditional Yoga classes are suitable for beginners and improvers aged 18 or over. 


These classes follow a theme and have a slow, flowing style. Lots of options are provided so that students can explore the most effective variation for their body. 


Beginners: These classes provide an introduction to the basics of yoga, allowing time to become familiar with the postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.


Improvers: You will have the opportunity to review your practice and explore variations within each pose.


Please bring your own mat and an extra layer to wear during the final relaxation.





Chair Yoga


Chair Yoga – either seated or using the chair as a prop for more traditional standing postures – is a great way to keep the body mobile.


Students start and finish the class seated on the chair. In the middle, those who are able practice more traditional standing postures and balances, using the chair to provide more stability. Alternatives to these standing postures are provided for those who want, or need, to remain seated.


These classes are ideal if:

  • You need to remain seated – either due to physical limitations or work/lifestyle.

  • You want to practice yoga but don’t want to get down on the floor.

  • You are feeling a bit “unbalanced” by life at the moment.

  • You want to try something new.


No equipment is needed for Chair Yoga classes; just wear something that allows you to move easily.


Please note that the following applies to all classes:

  • Over-18s only.

  • If pregnant, suitable for second trimester only (15-30 weeks)

  • Post-natal or post-operative: please get OK from healthcare professional before attending class.

  • Book online or just turn up on the day. Payment at venue in cash only.