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Chair Yoga

Yoga without the up & down to the floor

  • Are you feeling stiff and creaky these days?

  • Are you feeling a bit off balance?

  • Are you feeling on edge at the moment?

  • Are you having trouble sleeping?

  • Are you working with an injury or condition that limits your mobility or strength?


  • Improve mobility. 

  • Improve balance.

  • Improve strength, particularly core strength

  • Ease some of the stiffness in your body.

  • Introduce some techniques to feel a bit calmer in the midst of the challenges of today's world

Don't want the up and down to the floor of a traditional yoga class?


Classes start and finish sitting on chairs, There will be a standing section (using the chair for balance, if required) for those who are able. However, all of this part of the class can be practised seated if that is more suitable.

The focus of the class will be moving with the breath to maintain and improve mobility and balance, as well as learning techniques to calm the mind - so necessary in today's busy world.


You can join my Chair Yoga classes in person or online:

Monday 3pm-4pm

Chair Yoga (age 18+), Raynes Park, SW20 0PG

Tuesday 2pm-3pm

Age UK Merton Yoga  (age 50+), Mitcham, CR4 3NT

Thursday 5pm-6pm

Chair Yoga (age 18+), Online on Zoom in collaboration with Serenity Space

Click here for my full schedule with class details and booking links

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