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Jackie JJC Yoga

Teaching PEOPLE, Not Postures

Jackie, a woman with short red hair, lookng towards the camera and smiling.

If you're looking to improve your posture, move with more ease, have better quality of sleep and reduce your stress levels, then this is the place for you. 


I am committed to making yoga accessible to Everybody and Every Body.

The focus of every class is how the practice makes you FEEL.

I currently have in-person mat-based and chair yoga classes in Raynes Park (SW20), Mitcham and Ealing, and cover classes all over London. Plus I have a few live-streamed online classes, so you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

Click HERE to learn a bit more about me.

  • I teach in English and always explain any Sanskrit used.

  • I explain why we are practising a particular posture, using easy-to-understand language.

  • I offer options for postures throughout the class and you are encouraged to find the variation that suits your own unique body.

  • You are always free to take a break at any time in a class.

  • I never push or pull anyone into a position. From time-to-time I do offer hands-on adjustments but will always explain exactly what I suggest will help and ask permission to proceed. You then need to actively agree before I continue. And if you don’t want this, then you are equally at liberty to say no – I won’t be upset or offended.  

  • I teach some basic breathing exercises but, as with the physical practice, there is no compulsion to join in.

  • I introduce aspects of yoga philosophy in a way that is relevant to our modern world.

  • Classes end with Savasana (total rest). This is a vital part of the class, allowing the practice to fully integrate in the body and mind.


You can also expect me to muddle up my left and right at some point and to lose count of how many repetitions we have done but let’s not tell anyone!! 


Online Classes: Please email a completed Health & Emergency Contact Form to get the Booking Password.

In-Person Classes: Either fill out the form below, or complete it at the venue before your first class.

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