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Different Worlds


Date: May Day 2018

Location: A Different World


My computer and social media show me memories from years ago. Photos of, mainly, happy and sociable events.


It is very easy to compare these images with life today and to feel a loss. But I use these photos as a reminder to seize the day, whatever is happening on that day, and as a reminder to be grateful for everything I have in the present moment.


The Present Moment

Date: May Day 2020

Location: Jackie JJC Yoga

Today I led a happy and sociable yoga class with my wonderful, loyal students. I feel so blessed to be able to welcome them into my home studio (aka my living room) via our computer screens, so we can stay connected even though we are physically separated.


Yoga teaches us to live in the present moment; to focus on the breath, remembering that we can only breathe for now. One of the basic principles of yoga is to let go of attachment to the outcome: to simply be present and work with how things really are.


So I look at these photos and smile at the memories. I remember a group of us walking near Shalford in the Surrey Hills and our walk taking us past these children dancing around a maypole. I remember watching as they danced, maintaining an old tradition, whilst living and laughing in the present day. I remember a sunny, sociable day and am grateful for that memory. But I am equally grateful for my life today. Grateful to remain fit and healthy. Grateful to have a nice place to live. Grateful that this lockdown has happened at a time where we have the technology to remain connected. And grateful to be able to bring yoga to my students, creating an online community or sangha, where we can support each other.

Stay safe and well, everyone.

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