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Coping With Change

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

These are unsettling times. Change is difficult to handle. But when change has affected most of us reading this we have had others around whose lives were stable at that time, providing an emotional anchor.


The current situation is unprecedented in our lifetime. A totally new set of circumstances: constant change is affecting everyone worldwide and none of us can predict what will happen next. We have an enemy, we know its name, but we can’t fight that enemy with physical force and that is a challenge in itself.


We are social animals and we need physical contact with others, particularly when confused or upset, but we have been told to practice either “self isolation” or “social distancing”. That is an alien concept generating actions that stem from fear, such as panic buying.


We are fortunate to be living in a time where we have digital communication with each other, so we needn’t feel alone. However, although that means of communication can also be used to spread misinformation and fear, it can also be used to lift each other’s mood.


In yoga there is a Sanskrit word called “Sangha”, which broadly means “Community”. So let’s come together in a positive Sangha and share uplifting ideas to help brighten each other's days.


I will start with this photo taken when I was out earlier this week. If you are able, get out and look at spring blossoming everywhere. Nature teaches us that change is constant. Even if winter seems to be long and dark, the days will get brighter and spring will bring with it new life, new colours and new hope.


Keep safe, keep healthy, look after yourselves and look after each other.

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